Sell your Bang & Olufsen Television

Welcome to BEOBUYER, where we make it quick and easy to sell your Bang & Olufsen Television or Televisions. Hopefully you’re upgrading to another B&O Television with your nearest Official Dealer (and are looking to get the best cash deal with no part exchange) but if not – hey, we’re here anyway!  We realise it can often be both laborious and cumbersome selling a Bang  & Olufsen Television - so let’s make this whole process nice and simple. It’s what we do best..

Please don’t worry if your TV is on a wall bracket, up some spiral stairs in a loft space, or the cabling behind is a mess. We’re highly experienced in de-installation and will leave behind neat and tidy cabling ready for your next Television or can remove the cabling altogether. It’s all part of the service, which is completely Free.

We’d be delighted to make you an offer for almost all modern Bang & Olufsen LCD and OLED Televisions, plus some of the later Plasma versions. One type of Television we sadly don’t buy is the older CRT ‘Cathode Ray Tube’ Televisions. It breaks our heart to say it but there’s just no demand for the old style sets, as beautiful as they may be. 

As modern technology has moved forward at a simply frightening pace over the last 5-10 years please be aware that B&O Televisions don’t retain their value like they used to. However, as a percentage of new price they still hold up quite respectably when it comes to the latest models. Some of the older TV’s (say 5 years and older) aren’t worth a great deal now but they do still have a value, so give us a try!

We’re currently buying:

BeoVision 4 - 85”
BeoVision 4 - 103”
BeoVision 7 – We only buy the Mk5 version of the 32”, and only the Mk5 & Mk6 versions of the 40”. We do buy both the Mk1 and Mk2 versions of the 55” though. Please contact us if you’re not sure what you have and we can quickly tell you.
BeoVision 8 - We only buy the 40” version of this.
BeoVision 10 - 32”, 40” & 46” versions, All types.
BeoVision 11 - 40”, 46” & 55” versions. All types.
BeoVision 12 - 65” Plasma Mk1 or Mk2 (with BeoSystem 3 or 4, Wall Bracket or Floor Stand)
BeoVision 14 - both the 40” and the 55” versions
BeoVision Avant LCD - 55”, 75” and 85” versions - 1st Gen or NG
BeoVision Eclipse - both the 55” and 65” versions
BeoVision Horizon - both the 40” and 48” versions
BeoPlay V1 - 32” and 40” versions
BeoSystem 4 Dedicated AV Processor

Non-Working/Faulty? We’re always happy to make an offer on the above TV’s if they’re damaged or faulty as we have numerous repairers always looking to salvage spare parts.

We don’t buy:

BeoVision 9 - 50” Plasma Televisions
BeoVision 8 – 26” and 32” versions
BeoVision 7 – 32” (all models except the Mk5)
BeoVision 7 – 40” (all models except the Mk5 and Mk6)
BeoVision 6 – 22” / 26” & BeoCenter 6 – 26” LCD TV’s 
BeoVision 5 - 42” Plasma Television
BeoVision 4 Plasma Panels – All versions except the 85” and 103”. We may buy the BeoSystem 3 Processor though. Please contact us and we can give you a price
All CRT ‘Tube Screen’ (old style) Televisions including the BeoVision 1, BeoVision 3, and BeoVision Avant.

Note: If we’re buying some of the products from you which are in the first ‘group’ and you also have some of the products we don’t buy, we’re always happy to offer a removal and disposal service for unwanted items to make things easier. All items will be taken to a Government Approved Recycling Centre at cost of disposal. We can work this out at the time, or in advance – whichever is easiest!

So, there you go. Nice and straightforward. Now just go to our ‘Sell your B&O’ page and tell us what you have. Someone will be straight back in touch and we can give you an instant quote!