Sell your Bang & Olufsen Loudspeakers

Welcome to BEOBUYER, where we make it quick and easy to sell your Bang & Olufsen BeoLab Active or BeoVox Passive Loudspeakers. Life’s too complicated already, so let’s keep it simple.

We’d be delighted to make an offer on almost all modern and selected vintage Bang & Olufsen Loudspeakers you may have for sale. Bang & Olufsen Loudspeakers are something we love as enthusiasts and are always looking to purchase. Please contact us for a price and we’ll respond immediately. 

Please don’t worry if the speakers are on wall brackets, packed away up in a loft space, or the cabling to them is everywhere. We’re highly experienced in de-installation and will leave behind neat and tidy cabling ready for your next pair of Loudspeakers or we can remove the cabling altogether. It’s all part of the service, and collection is Free!

Sadly we don’t buy any of the older, vintage B&O Loudspeakers. As a rule of thumb, if the cabinet is made of wood, it’s not for us. This isn’t to say they aren’t great speakers, it’s just that they aren’t worth enough for us to have a margin and make collection/shipping viable. 

There are also some rare and desirable free-standing vintage tweeters and accessories we could find homes for with a collector, so if you think you have something rare – do call us and we’ll do our best to find them a home.

We’re currently buying:

Modern Active Loudspeakers:
BeoLab 1 Active Loudspeakers
BeoLab 3 Active Loudspeakers
BeoLab 4 Active Loudspeakers (PC or PowerLink versions)
BeoLab 5 Active Loudspeakers
BeoLab 7.2, 7.4 and 7.6 Active Television Loudspeakers
BeoLab 9 Active Loudspeakers
BeoLab 10 Active Mono Centre Speaker
BeoLab 12 - We only buy the 12-2 and 12-3 versions, not the 12-1
BeoLab 14 Subwoofer and Satellite Speakers
BeoLab 15 / BeoLab 16 Combination
BeoLab 17 Active Loudspeakers
BeoLab 18 Active Loudspeakers - All colours
BeoLab 20 Active Loudspeakers
BeoLab 50 Active Loudspeakers
BeoLab 90 Active Loudspeakers
BeoLab 2500 Active Loudspeakers
BeoLab 4000 Active Loudspeakers
BeoLab 6000/6002 Active Loudspeakers (we only buy newer versions of these, from early 2000’s onwards)
BeoLab 8000/8002 Active Loudspeakers (we only buy newer versions of these, from early 2000’s onwards)
BeoLab Penta - We only buy the Mk3 versions, these must be fully working and in excellent condition

Ceiling Speakers:
BeoVox 1
BeoVox 2-1
BeoVox 2-2

BeoLab 2 Active Subwoofer
BeoLab 11 Active Subwoofer
BeoLab 19 WISA Active Subwoofer

Link Room Speakers:
BeoSound 35 Wireless Speaker

Wireless Speaker Systems:
BeoLit 12 Bluetooth Speaker - All colours - Must be fully working
BeoLit 15 Bluetooth Speaker - All colours
BeoLit 17 Bluetooth Speaker - All colours
BeoPlay A6 Bluetooth Speaker - All colours
BeoPlay A8 / BeoSound 8 Speaker Dock - Must be fully working
BeoPlay M3 Bluetooth Speaker - All colours
BeoPlay M5 - All colours
BeoSound 1 - New Style Wireless Speaker - All types / colours
BeoSound 2 - New Style Wireless Speaker - All types / colours
BeoSound Edge - Bluetooth Speaker - All colours

We don’t buy:

BeoLab 2000 Link Speakers
BeoLab 3500 Link Speakers

BeoPlay Products:
If your BeoPlay product is not listed above it will not be something we are looking to buy at present.