Are you in the USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand or Europe?

If so, please let us explain the common reasons we fail to reach a deal with sellers outside of our HQ in the UK :

Shipping Issues...

Sadly, it happens quite often that such a long journey can destroy products if they’re not packed properly. Bounces in transit can dislodge components, crack solder joints, or stress and crack casings and frames on older products. What left the seller working can often arrive not working or damaged for these very reasons - sometimes even if packed properly. Older products sadly do not travel well.

Shipping Costs : If you have a large TV with little value, an old BeoSystem which needs work, or a lofty pair of Loudspeakers - they will be expensive to ship. Often people don’t realise a large pair of Loudspeakers like BeoLab 1’s from Australia to the UK will cost £500-600 to pack and ship. Even from Europe to the UK these would currently cost around £250-350 to pack properly and ship. This has to be deducted from the offer, making the offer rarely competitive. Put simply, you would get more selling locally in most cases - even though we’d love to have a deal with you.


The UK works on 220-240v, whereas the US and Japan work on 110-120v. Some of the more recent products are ‘dual-voltage’ so can work on both, but these are only the latest products. If you have an 80’s - 00’s product it will almost certainly be ‘US Spec’ and not something we can sell here in the UK. So - before you spend the time filling out the selling form, ask yourself if the item has enough value to make shipping worthwhile. Secondly, take a look at the label on the item and see if it’s compatible with US and European voltages. If it ticks both boxes, great - we look forward to hearing from you and buying your Bang & Olufsen!

If you feel the above doesn’t apply - It’s time to get in touch!

We’re always looking to buy Bang & Olufsen products. It’s what we do. We have a client base of Enthusiasts, Collectors, Installers, Developers, Pre-owned B&O dealers and even Film and TV Props Departments throughout the UK and Worldwide all looking to buy. We can usually place a product immediately and get you the very best price available on the current market. If not, we’ll buy it anyway.

We love B&O. We understand B&O. We want your B&O. Simple.

Tell us what you have and let’s turn your Bang & Olufsen into cash.

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