Sell your Bang & Olufsen Music System

Welcome to BEOBUYER, where we make it quick and easy to sell your Bang & Olufsen Music or Audio System. Wether you’re replacing your whole system or just scaling down we’re here to offer you a quick and easy solution. Life’s complicated already, so let’s make this simple!

We’d be delighted to make you an offer on almost all modern plus selected vintage Bang & Olufsen Music Systems including Digital Systems, CD Players, Record Decks, Radios and more. Don’t worry if they’re on wall brackets, in boxes in the loft or garage, or the cabling to them is a complete jumble. We’re highly experienced in de-installation and will leave behind neat and tidy cabling ready for your next Music System - or we can remove the cabling altogether. It’s all part of the service when we collect, and it’s all Free.

We’re currently buying:

BeoSound 1 - Old Style CD Player/Radio
BeoCenter 2 CD Player / Radio
BeoPlay A9 Bluetooth Speaker - All types and colours
BeoSound 1 - New Style Wireless Speaker - All types / colours
BeoSound 2 – New Style Wireless Speaker - All types / colours
BeoSound 3 Radio - Must be fully working
BeoSound 4 CD/Radio/SD Player - All types, FM or DAB
BeoSound 5 Music System - All types, including Encore
BeoSound 3200 CD/HDD - Please note we do not buy 2300, 2500, Ouverture or 3000 models – only the 3200
BeoSound 9000 6-Disc CD Player (All versions)
BeoSound Core
BeoSound Moment
BeoSound Shape
BeoSound S8 Connection Hub

For any Bang & Olufsen Music System more than 15 years old (including items such as the ‘stacking’ BeoSystems, Record Decks and so on) you may wish to have a look at our ‘Classic’ section where you can see in more detail the items we’re actively looking to buy.

Stacking BeoSystems

Record Decks