Sell your Classic
Bang & Olufsen

Welcome to BEOBUYER, where we make it quick and easy to sell your Classic and Vintage Bang & Olufsen. Selling older Bang & Olufsen products can be a little confusing as there are so many model numbers, versions, types and colours – all with common issues due to age and use over the years which can affect value, so we’re here to make it simple!

We’d be delighted to make you an offer for your Classic and Vintage Bang & Olufsen items!  With over 90 years worth of products out there it’s rather difficult to list what we do and don’t buy – so here’s a quick guide.

If you think of vintage B&O in the realms of Classic Cars it’ll give you an idea as to what is and isn’t collectible. If you stood a bottom of the range 1988 BMW 316 next to a 1988 BMW M3 – the M3 is the one the collectors will want. If you stood a Mercedes SL320 next to an SL63 AMG – the SL63 AMG is the one the collectors will want, and so on..

The question to ask is “Was it top of the range, or near, when new?” or “Was it a revolutionary design at the time?” If it was, then chances are it has some value. If it was the bottom of the range budget ‘entry level’ model, then chances are it has little or no value.  Condition is also key, so if you have an item (or items) which are in mint condition they’ll be worth much more than beaten up examples.

As an example, Record Decks have enjoyed a resurgence of late - with the pre-amplified Tangential decks in Mint Condition being the most collectible. The best of the best will still attract a premium, but the cost of a new stylus often puts people off the lesser decks as it can often be more than the value of the deck itself!

The many types of Vintage and Classic B&O Music Systems have a habit of going in and out of fashion with collectors and enthusiasts, so values can go up and down fairly quickly. However - we keep a very close eye on the market and have a huge amount of experience, so we’re always able to give you a very up to date idea of value and offer expert advice. Do contact us as we’re always delighted to talk Classic B&O!

So, if you have anything from the 1920’s to the 1990’s please get in touch. We’ll be able to give you an accurate idea of value on the spot and hopefully turn your old B&O items into cash!